01. Raccoons are very cute animals, but they are also very [fierce] and dangerous if threatened.
02. The mother rat fought [fiercely] to defend her babies against the cat.
03. A [fierce] battle is being fought for the leadership of the Liberal Party.
04. The climbers were forced to abandon their attempted ascent of Everest due to [fierce] storms which threatened to cover them with several inches of snow.
05. The forest fire was already burning [fiercely] when fire crews arrived to battle the blaze.
06. The children looked truly [fierce] in their animal costumes.
07. She is [fiercely] protective of her children, and will never admit they are at fault.
08. Robert Browning once said that it's safer being meek than [fierce].
09. Nelson Mandela once stated, "The soil of our country is destined to be the scene of the [fiercest] fight, and the sharpest struggles to rid our continent of the last vestiges of white minority rule."
10. The [fierce] Komodo dragons have survived for millions of years in Indonesia.
11. Tyrannosaurus Rex was a [fierce] hunter that ate other dinosaurs.
12. Male lions look [fierce], but the females do most of the hunting.
13. Fiji Islanders were once feared for their [fierce] reputation as cannibals.
14. In Wales, the sport of rugby is [fiercely] competitive, especially when the Welsh team plays against the English team.
15. A thousand years ago, the people of Denmark were [fierce] Vikings who sailed the world in their long ships.
16. Competition for entry into the top schools is quite [fierce] in Hong Kong.
17. To appear more [fierce], the warriors of ancient Britain painted their bodies and colored their hair.
18. Dominica was the last of the Caribbean islands to be colonized by Europeans, due largely to the [fierce] resistance of the native Caribs.

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